The Past and Present Collide with Deadly Effect

A Great Review of THE DOLL'S HOUSE from Myles Mc Weeney Irish Independent 

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'The Past and Present Collide with Deadly Effect - Phillips scored a solid hit with her first psychological thriller Red Ribbons. Published last year, it was an instant bestseller and was shortlisted for Best Irish Crime Novel of 2012. In The Doll's House Phillips has delivered a sequel that betters her decut - a gripping, suspenseful story, peopled with well drawn characters.'

Read full article in Saturday's Irish Independent.

Launch of The Doll's House - A SELL OUT!!

An amazing night was had by all at the Gutter bookshop last night! The shop was full to capacity with many taking the opportunity of enjoying some fresh Dublin air outside. The launch was a SELL OUT, but thankfully more books were delivered today, so pick up your copy soon!!!


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Tension almost palpable!

'My heart was hammering, the tension almost palpable,' is what reveiwer Susan Condon, wrote about The Doll's House, and a huge thank you to all who have reviewed the novel over the last couple of days!


Yesterday, I travelled around Dublin bookstores signing lots of lovely copies of The Doll's House, and I had a crazy, wonderful day yesterday! But here is the thing - despite all the wonderful people who bought RED RIBBONS,(and now) THE DOLL'S HOUSE, up until the book signings around Dublin yesterday, I had yet to see anyone physically buy a book!!!

While I was with the lovely Annmarie and Dave in Easons Swords, someone picked up BOTH BOOKS and asked me to sign them! I could have been knocked over by a feather. Then a man came over and told me how much he loved RED RIBBONS, picking up THE DOLL'S HOUSE, and asking me to personalize his copy which he eagerly brought to the checkout. And so the day went on, and the amount of goodwill and positive feedback was utterly amazing!!



My thanks to all the lads and lassies from the Dublin bookstores yesterday, and I thoroughly hope you enjoy THE DOLL'S HOUSE!!! And......

TONIGHT IS LAUNCH NIGHT - The Gutter Bookshop - 6.30 - Cow's Lane (off Dame Street) 

We have a great crowd building up, and weather looks good, so there will be singing, book signing, laughter, fun and general madness both inside and out, if you make it down. 

I would love to see you there, and if for whatever reason you can't make it, you can ring in your order for a personalized signed copy from the Gutter bookshop at (353 1 6799206) or email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks everyone for making this journey an extraordinary one!! xxx Louise

Top Fiction Book of The Week!

I am thrilled that Bord Gais Energy Book Club have picked THE DOLL'S HOUSE, as their TOP FICTION Book of the Week!! Read about it HERE

Bord Gais Energy Bookclub



It's fast, it's scary, it's The Doll's House Trailer

The Dolls House 3005