Killer instinct: a golden age of Irish crime fiction

Delighted to be taking part in the Crime Fiction Festival at Trinity this weekend. Hundreds of people have booked and the organisers have had to move venue several times to respond to the demand. The Irish Times did a very comprehenive feature about those taking part in the festival, and, the recent upsurge in Irish Crime Fiction. I'll put the opening of the article and a link to The Irish Times site below, along with a link for ticket information.


Irish Crime Fiction Fest

"Once upon a time, crime writers in Ireland were few and far between. These days it’s not so much a case of “whodunnit”, or even “who’s doing it”, as “they’re all at it”.

A festival of Irish crime writing, being held at Trinity College Dublin this weekend, will celebrate – and examine – the recent blossoming of the genre when it brings together 17 of our best- known practitioners for a series of panel discussions.

What is most striking about the festival programme is the sheer range of writing styles, topics and approaches it represents. A session on “crime and contemporary Ireland” will see former playwright Declan Hughes join the one-time investigative journalist Gene Kerrigan on a panel that also features Brian McGilloway, author of an atmospheric detective series set on the Border in Co Donegal, and Louise Phillips, who writes disturbing psychological thrillers inspired by real-life crimes."

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