Ellie Brady, a woman who was institutionalised fifteen years earlier for the murder of her daughter Amy, is the last vital connection to be made in the hunt for the killer of the murdered schoolgirls.

Many times the inspiration for a novel is formed in your subconscious, and for me, one of the biggest surprises was the emergence of Ellie Brady’s voice.

She is the woman who stopped talking because everyone stopped listening, a woman in long-term institutionalised care, and whose voice in some way emerged from the voices of women I’ve met in similar circumstance, but she is also the voice of you or I should we ever be unfortunate enough to find ourselves in a place where the world has left us behind.

I’m one of those writers for whom the characters become real, become part of my life. There are dark elements in this narrative, human emotions are tested, and to the best of my ability I’ve tried to explore human frailty, strength, love and loss, and I hope show light within the dark.

As a writer, the journey I travelled with Ellie, I travelled blindly at times. But I was also guided by a character arriving on the page whole from the moment I wrote her first words. She is a powerful voice for me, and I hope she proves to be a powerful voice for you the reader.

"The woman who stopped talking because everyone stopped listening."