Writing is a major part of my life, but my love of writing came firstly from my love of reading books. If you are a reader and you have read some of my work, or would like to, then you are giving me the greatest compliment any writer could wish for, the opportunity to share their stories. My hope is that together we can explore many fictional worlds. If you want to keep in touch, please leave your name and contact details below. I thank you sincerely for the compliment and gift of reading.


I'm so incredibly proud to be part of this wonderful publication listing from POLIS BOOKS for the Fall of 2016!         D. W. BUFFA served as a defense attorney for ten [ ... ]

Out Today March 24th!!
24 March 2016

So this little baby is out today....lots of them in the shops!!!    

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LouiseMPhillips Today consisted of meeting a terrific forensic pathologist & specialist in paediatric head trauma..fascinating stuff https://t.co/CM91NJvdAi
LouiseMPhillips @GrainneDaly1981 It pretty well was amazing Grainne!,xx L
LouiseMPhillips Research has been G8-talking2undercover cops,Major Crime Investigation Unit&Crime Scene Analysis.Even got to a cell! https://t.co/wGjEiOCcYJ
LouiseMPhillips I guess you have to end up in an Irish Pub eventually 😜 https://t.co/a00WRDQrLP
LouiseMPhillips Inside a Grand Jury Room yesterday was fascinating.....#US #Research https://t.co/Iva2C6AvtE
LouiseMPhillips Even managed to charm my way into getting a police badge 😜 https://t.co/LCq6cU5RQq
LouiseMPhillips You go all the way to Massachusetts and walk into a bar to hear The Girls of Belfast City πŸ’š 󾓦 😜 https://t.co/A3OLLLCauG
LouiseMPhillips Having some great conversations with these guys...#research #trip #boston #2016 https://t.co/VXq9ysYHfK
LouiseMPhillips @JJohnFoyle @OMahonysBooks @belindamckeon @berniegunther Great display and great company..Thanks John and O'Mahonys Books!!
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